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Automatic Sprinkler System Installation and Backflow Management - Programs for Safe Drinking Water


How can Nature's Plan LLC help you?

We repair broken residential or commercial main water lines, lawn sprinkler lines and can test your backflow device as part of our professional irrigation and landscape maintenance program. We also design and install new automated sprinkler systems as well as do upgrades and modifications to existing systems using smart controllers and other quality products.

Stuck valve, leaky backflow device or is the controller not turning on your sprinklers like it used to? We can troubleshoot, repair or replace faulty parts on any sprinkler or low volume irrigation system. In most cases we can look, listen or feel and we already know where the problem lies, but sometimes we just have to dig no matter how hard we try! Needless to say we are no strangers to digging, another place where the experienced troubleshooter shines.

Whether you are into Xeriscaping and low volume organic herb gardening or have a large commercial lawn area to maintain or install, we are fully licensed and equipped to handle everything in your landscape. Call today to get on a long term, thoughtful irrigation management plan for your business and home.

Caution: Always seek licensed irrigation or plumbing contractors when dealing with the potable water and irrigation system!

Check your hired professionals' license status with the LCB or the CCB (Oregon State Landscape and Construction Contractor Boards) before allowing work to proceed!

Video: American Backflow Prevention Association - Educating the Public about Backflow

ABPA is an organization dedicated to education and technical assistance. Through its network of regions and chapters, local needs
and interests are supported with the resources of the national organization. ABPA is committed to advancing all aspects of backflow
prevention for the continued protection of all water users.

Why is water conservation so important?

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